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I founded Inhinito SCE in order to support the creative community of Greece. I developed the company's team, worked with accountants to create the company's statute, created its website and finally worked with lawyers to acquire the brand's trademark. I create software, grow the community, develop the brand, and manage projects & social media for Inhinito.

LOFI.GR was developed using the Angular framework and represents the core of the Greek Lo-Fi Community. I started out this brand together with some very talented people from the Inhinito team in order to monetize and promote Lo-Fi Hip Hop Music and culture in Greece. I create software, develop the brand, create ads & manage social media for the Greek LoFi Community.


Created this website using only vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS as a challenge. The idea was to avoid imports such as libraries or frameworks. All JavaScript, CSS and media files are minified and concatenated using Gulp tools for less and smaller file imports. All aspects were designed with responsiveness in mind so that the site may perform on all screen sizes (phones, tablets and PC). The app also uses a custom service worker over https to cache files for an even faster performance.